A two week sprint to design an ecommerce site and food blog that would act as a “gateway” into the luxury kitchen community. We used Williams-Sonoma as a case study to research an unmet shopping need. 

MY ROLE: Researcher, Content Manager, UX Designer, UI Designer, and Visual Designer. This was an individual case study. 


As cost conscious foodie, I want to affordably explore the culinary potential of high end kitchen goods, so that I can be part of the luxury culinary community. 

research:about williams-sonoma

Williams-Sonoma (WS) is a high-end luxury kitchen goods store. Pottery Barn purchased WS in 1948 and West Elm. 

WS quickly gained a reputation as a lifestyle brand, known as a high quality brand with an aesthetic of “refinement.”


user research: INTERVIEWS

Within a span of 48 hours, I conducted several interviews within the WS store. I spoke with both employees and customers at the store, and conducted several phone interviews with friends. 

Key Takeaways 

  • The primary demographic that shops at WS consisted of older adults (40+ y.o).
  • For the younger demographic, WS was too expensive to be practical in their lifestyles. Many use other resources to find high quality kitchen goods.    
  • The younger demographic (20-30 y.o) are generally less enticed to go into stores, and would prefer to do most of their research online.

With this in mind, I felt an online site that would act as a "gateway" into the luxury kitchen community would be a useful resource for a younger demographic. 

design strategy

  • Create a "gateway" into the luxury kitchen community
  • Provide access to sales from WS and other high end luxury kitchen goods
  • Include recipes and inspirational culinary content related to high end kitchen goods 


competitive analysis

    I looked at both sales sites and food blogs to see what features I could take from both:

    sketches, ideation, and user testing

    Several iterations were created, with user testing after each version to evaluate the clarity of the content. Some user feedback included: 

    • People enjoyed the landing page display of visual content
    • People liked having the images of inspiration content below, but some felt the images looked like advertisements 
    • Needed more clarity on the copy to help with navigation and content of each page


    site map