Step Two: Programming and User Experience

Programming and User Experience: What should be built here? 

Programming involves identifying what building type is most appropriate, and analyzing how each design component relates to a project's goals and vision. 

For this research, I identified a food-oriented building program would be most appropriate for the neighborhood. Observations around the Chinatown neighborhood show that most activity buzzes around food-related events: festivals, marketplaces, and grocery stores bring the most pedestrian traffic. Thus, creating a shared social and cultural experience around food felt like an intuitive gateway to strengthen the cultural identity of this neighborhood. 

Precedent analysis

Precedent studies reveal several different ways people travel and interact through marketplaces and stores. 

User Experience: Spatial Programming and Activities 

I broke down the building program into different spatial requirements based on activities and needs. It was also important to hypothesize how various demographic groups would use the building. Both ideas are mapped out below: